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Post Memorial Dayz!

We’ve been sleepin’ a little on our blog posts. BUT it’s only because we’ve been so busy contriving awesome reconstructed vintage steez for y’all! We hope you checked into our site last week to see the “newness” we updated into our site! If you haven’t – GO CHECK! NOW! NOW! NOW! http://www.refinedsf.com

It’s a fun-filled update featuring a denim short & bikini overload! Definitely some great stuff – just in time for the summer. Last week, we featured our beautiful model, KAYLA. Kayla’s been down for the cause since day one & working with her is just plain FABULOUS!! Check out her hot lil’ self on the site. We love you, Kayla!

We hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!! While you all were BBQ’n & BOOZ’n, we were steady preppin’ our product updates for this week. So, be ready for new products on our site tomorrow brimming with OVERALLS, TIE DYE, & a BEAUTIFUL BABY MAMA! Big shout out to our model – Charrie Lanette & our sit-in assistant – Londyn Chanel!

Stay Tuned!

XO, Refined.

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Painted Bird, SF & then some…

Last week, on one of those very rare warm days in San Francisco, we decided to make our day productive. We started it off at the SF Giftcenter & Jewelrymart to attend the Gem & Jewelry Event with our bro-hamburglar, Crys. If you’ve never been to the Giftcenter, YOU SHOULD GO! It’s full of fabulous jewelry finds at reasonable pricing. We even scored some snazzy costume jewelry for $1 a piece! Don’t mind if I do – How could we say NO to a BUCK?

Next stop, a FABRIC SHOPPING SPREE @ Discount Fabrics (11th & Howard). Enough said!

LAST, but NOT LEAST – we decided to roll through 1 of our favorite vintage boutiques in SF, PAINTED BIRD (1360 Valencia Street). We’ve been a very big fan of the store for a very long time. The vintage pieces within the store are AMAZING & at such an affordable price.  Their racks aren’t mish-mashed with an overly-abundant surplus of clothing like most consignment stores – it’s evident that they definitely keep up with current trends. Their SF location has been open for years; however, they now operate another location in LA (4208 Santa Monica Blvd.).

We were fortunate to meet 2 amazing people who were working in the store at the time – Jason & Alese! Jason (originally from Detroit) is very good friends with the owner of the store & has been working with Painted Bird for years, while Alese (originally from Woodland, CA) is rather new to the store – she is their official Tarot Card reader! So cool, right? We decided to shoot them some random questions to share with you guys how AWESOME they are!

 Favorite thing to wear:

Alese – Metallic dresses

Jason – Vintage labels. His favorite article of clothing is his vintage Fendi sweater from the 80’s (peep the pic below)

 Favorite Band:

Alese – Cocteau Twins

Jason – Mazzy Star, Brian Eno, Talking Heads

What do you like most about Painted Bird?

Alese – It’s “genuinely charming & wholeheartedly cool!”

Jason – It’s “my favorite hang out shop!”

A BIG SHOUT OUT to Jason (don’t you dig his SOCKS? we DO!) & Alese for chattin’ it up with us last week. If you’re in SF, check ’em out for an overall fantastic vintage shopping experience – GREAT ENVIRONMENT, AWESOME FOLKS, & FAB VINTAGE STEEZ! 7 thumbs up 🙂

Follow their blog >>> Painted Bird

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Make way for NEW ADDITIONS!

We have updated our site with a few new additions to our collection. If you haven’t checked yet…. PEEP GAME @ http://www.refinedsf.com. The distressed denim shorts craze is a real big trend, especially because summer is just around the corner. We will be replenishing our denim shorts inventory these next few weeks as well as adding more cutesy swagerific products that will definitely have you lookin’ FLY AS HELL this summer.

So be on the look out on your next HUMP DAY!!


Miguel – Arch & Point (Art Dealer Chick Vol. 2)

XO – Refined.

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We Be Bloggin’!!!


Refined., a new brand that was released to the public in February 2012, primarily specializes in reconstructed vintage pieces for both men and women. Refined. founders, Angelique Bannag and Michelle Baker, target their efforts in focusing on the development of products that will revamp pre-existing vintage clothing to fit modern trends and – of course – their own personal tastes in fashion. Refined. introduces new merchandise into their collection every HUMP DAY, so be on the look out!

Website: www.refinedsf.com

E-mail: info@refinedsf.com

Facebook: Refined.

Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr: RefinedSF

Join us in our journey to share our insight and opinions on anything and everything fashion related!!!

XO – Angelique & Michelle

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